• Episode 7: Back to Normal

    The house seems somehow emptier, and the ladies are bored, after the departure of the spirited Beatrice. However, church bells and fireworks explode their torpor when they realize they’ve forgotten the biggest holiday…

  • Episode 4: The Business

    The brothel’s new resident, Beatrice, settles in and shares some grifts as Armstrong gets lost in Parliament trying to sort out his citizenship.

  • Episode 3: Black Beatrice

    After a fraudulent enterprise takes an unexpected turn and an elderly client nearly dies, Armstrong, Moira and Phoebe find themselves forced to make a difficult decision.

  • Episode 2: The Scheme

    The ladies attend as a dignitary rides the timberslide. After getting drunk with a bear, Armstrong contrives a scheme to defraud the Governor General’s wife.

  • Episode 1: The Thaw

    As springtime brings thousands of lumbermen out of the forest and into Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, one of the brothels of the Byward market prepares for the influx of trade. But the…